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Lifestyle Screens

Learn about Lifestyle Screens

The Lifestyle garage screen system is a fully retractable garage screen that works with your existing garage door. The Lifestyle features an industry first, fully retractable passage door for ease of entry and exit without having to retract the entire system.

Garage Door Openers

“Door openers“ are the motors and mechanisms that physically open and shut your door. They‘re generally selected and purchased separately from the door itself, though a few door manufacturers do produce and offer their own specialized openers

     Choosing the right opener is very important. You have to take a number of different factors into consideration:

          The door itself (design & weight)
          Your garage (size, ceiling height, etc.)
          Your own individual preferences.

     The majority of garage door openers manufactured in the past decade have either a 1/3 horsepower or a 1/2 hp motor, though some 3/4 hp motors are also now available. And while it’s true that a 1/3 hp opener will open most properly balanced garage doors, as the horsepower increases the strain placed on the opener normally decreases. A higher horsepower motor will therefore reduce the amount of strain on the opener, which should make for lower maintenance costs and a longer lasting opener.

8550 Elite Series® DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Elite Series 8550

Get in your garage every time, even when the power is out. This revolutionary DC belt drive offers quiet operation and comes fully equipped with MyQ® enabled technology and the Timer-to-Close feature.

8557 Elite Series® ¾ HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Elite Series 8557

The new Elite Series® ¾ HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener gives you powerful, yet quiet performance. It is designed specifically for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind areas.

3585 3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Elite Series 8500

This sleek, space-saving design mounts on the wall beside your garage door, freeing up ceiling space. This Elite Series model comes fully equipped with Security+ 2.0®, MyQ® Technology and the Timer-to-Close system.

3280 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Premium Series 8365-267

With its rugged reliability and exceptional all-around performance, the 8365-267 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is the perfect choice if you want enhanced style, reliability, and the performance attributes of our best-selling drive system ever.

8355 Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Premium Series 8355

The new LiftMaster® 8355 belt drive opener with built-in MyQ® technology enables you to open, close and monitor your garage door by using a smartphone, tablet or computer at any time, from anywhere.

     Still, it all goes back to looking at what best suits your specific needs and conditions. There’s no reason to purchase a higher powered opener if you’re simply lifting a small 1-car garage door. For general use, we normally recommend LiftMaster openers. They’re available in a wide range of horsepowers, features and accessories.
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