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Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL

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Many factors can cause a garage door to operate incorrectly. When that occurs, it causes a lot of inconvenience for the homeowner and, in some cases, requires emergency repair. After all, you and your family depend on your garage door to safely store vehicles and a lot of other items. Although it sounds pretty simple, it can be fairly complicated to find what’s causing the garage door to malfunction. It is possible for homeowners to identify and fix some types of garage door problems, but there are others that indicate a more pressing issue that needs Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL expertise and the right equipment to resolve.

Along with lack of maintenance, some of causes of a garage door malfunction can include:
-The power source isn’t active.
-An object is obstructing the door sensor.
-The extension springs are broken.
-The door is off the track.
-The door opener remote controller needs a new battery.

While some of the issues that prevent your door from properly functioning may be a relatively fast fix, there others that are more involved. If your door stops working and you’re not able to determine why, contact us for Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL.

Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL

Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL

The Door Stalls or Responds Slowly

Your garage door functions on a complex system of pulleys, sensors, springs, and tracks. Any one of these parts can be at fault if the door opens slowly or simply stalls as it’s going up or down. Sometimes, applying some lubrication and making adjustments to the speed settings will resolve this. Often, though, it’s a more involved problem that calls for Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL.

Broken hinges, a snapped spring or cable, or a misaligned door can also cause delayed responses and stalling. In those situations, repairs are probably too complicated to do yourself.
-You’re not able to life your garage door manually after disengaging the release handle. If your door is having some issues already, you might want to try disconnecting the opener so you can lift the door manually. If it still will not open, that can be a particularly frustrating situation, especially if your car is in the garage. Most garage door openers feature a bypass switch in the event of a power outage, if the overhead lift motor suddenly stops working or if you need to manually operate the door.

The manual release is usually a rope that has a handle which, when pulled, serves to disengage the automated trolley to permit manual lifting.

The door ought to open without excess effort in the event the moving metal components of your door aren’t working properly. If you disengage the emergency release and still cannot lift up the door, there is something wrong like a broken cable or spring and you should call us for Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL.

Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL

The Door Doesn’t Completely Close

When the garage door will not close fully it can be just about as frustrating as when it will not open. Based on how far it goes down, it might leave your garage accessible and unsecured. Even if it leaves only a slight gap, the weatherstripping will probably not seal tightly to the floor, permitting conditioned air to flow out and, consequently, rainwater to seep in.

You can sometimes solve this problem on your own. The issue could be, for example, that your garage door opener’s distance settings are off. When the setting is too high, it means the door will stop just short of the floor. Misaligned safety sensors close to the bottom of the door can cause it to change directions while closing or simply stop short of the floor. If these quick fixes don’t help, it’s a sign you’ll need to call for Garage Door Repair Service Highland Park IL.

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