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Door Check up & Lube
(Reg $89.00)

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2 Car Door / $10.00 Off
1 Car Door New Install Only.

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Any New Garage Door Opener

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As the largest single feature on your house, your garage door typically represents the primary focal point of your home's exterior.

That’s why it’s important to choose a door that best compliments your home, as well as satisfies your personal needs.

The following are features that you might want to consider when purchasing your next garage door. Decide which of these features are important to you and discuss them with the trained experts at J&J Reliable Doors:

  • Roll-Up vs. Tilt-Up
  • Size Requirements and Limitations
  • Composition, i.e., Steel vs. Wood, etc.
  • Craftsmanship and Quality; i.e. the best value for your money
  • Available Colors, Finishes and Window Options
  • Available Styles, i.e., Beveled Sections, Framed Panels, Flush…
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Insulation Properties
  • Durability – Will it dent?
  • Security and Safety Features
  • Available Options, i.e., Quiet Glide Rollers, Wall-Mounted Motor, Emergency Disconnect, Optic Sensors, etc.
  • Warranties

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J&J Reliable Doors is committed to helping you select the best garage door for your home. We offer the largest and most diverse product selection in the Chicago area to guarantee your satisfaction. Professional installations and on-going courteous attention after the sale are why “Service and Quality are our most important products!”

J&J Reliable Doors specializes in the installation of residential garage doors. We install garage doors for new construction, as well as replacement doors. We also offer free estimates on new door installations and are available to serve you 7 days a week.

Why Use an Installer?

While it s true many home improvement stores offer do-it-yourself garage door kits, installing a garage door correctly so that it s safe, secure and properly balanced is a complicated undertaking even for a trained professional, let alone someone who s never done it before and is not familiar with all the hardware and proper installation techniques. Simply as a matter of safety, we recommend that garage door installations be left to professionally trained technicians.

A garage door installed by a professional installer means:

Better Safety: Installing a garage door can be a risky business for a novice. Your garage door is the single heaviest, moving part of your home. It s important to know exactly what you re doing at all times.

Professional Installation: A professional installer will ensure that the installation is done correctly, per industry standards and specifications. He will also ensure that your garage door and door opener are calibrated and tested to work to optimum efficiency. Proper door measurements and appropriate door adjustment will prevent any infiltration of air, dust and water into your garage. A properly balanced garage door will also extend the life of your hardware and will assure worry-free use for years to come.

Time savings: A professional garage door installer should be able to install most residential garage doors in a matter of 3-5 hours (while it might take even an experienced do-it-yourselfer a full day or more to complete).

Guaranteed Labor: If there’s an installation-related problem with your door, for any reason, we will return and make the situation right at no additional charge…guaranteed.

And don‘t forget, when you choose J&J Reliable Doors to install your new garage door – we’ll handle every last detail – including the disposal of your old door.

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