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Garage Door Repairs Mokena IL

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Garage Door Repair Mokena IL

Garage Door Repairs Mokena IL

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact our team for fast and effective Garage Door Repairs Mokena IL right away:

-The door is getting progressively slower. There are a few factors that can cause this common issue. This first is simply the age of the door. When components such as torsion springs start to show signs of wear, they might not work as well any longer and will probably need replacement. If it’s been several years since your garage door opener received an upgrade, it may be time. Our technicians can installation a new, more powerful opener for better operation.

There could also by a chance your garage door is programmed to close and open at the current low speed. Consult the owner’s manual to find out how to adjust the speed of the garage door. If the instructions are difficult to follow or you don’t feel comfortable making the adjustment, don’t hesitate to schedule service from J&J.

-Lubrication is not sufficient. Slow, uneven operation can be due to rollers, tracks and hinges that are not lubricated. It is important that each moving part of a garage door’s system receives lubrication on a regular schedule whether or not the door is moving slowly. Lubrication is critical for maintaining the system because it helps prolong the service life of the opener and related components.

Along with slow movement, you might notice that the garage door at your home is getting slow to react when you press the opener button. In this situation, call J&J Reliable Doors for prompt solutions. We can inspect your entire garage door system to identify what is causing the problem and make Garage Door Repairs Mokena IL.

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