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New Garage Door Palos Heights IL

New Garage Door Palos Heights IL

Whether due to accidental damage from a vehicle, storm damage or the need to make an upgrade before putting a property on the market, there plenty of reasons for replacing a garage door. Whatever yours might be, J&J Reliable Doors can help you select a New Garage Door Palos Heights IL that is a perfect match for your home.

Some of the signs it’s time to replace a garage door include:

-Dents and marks. It’s certainly not unusual for a garage door to receive an occasional dent from a new, inexperienced driver. Depending upon the size of the dents, they may impeded the door’s ability to open and close smoothly on the track. If your door won’t open or shut properly you will probably want to replace it very soon.

-The garage door was installed more than 30 years ago. Once a door reaches that milestones, it’s likely to show signs of deterioration and wear. Consider installing a new door if there are scratches or rust on the panels. Wood garage doors, in particular, can also warp and crack.

-Your garage door is start to get noisy when you open and close it. Even though it can alert you to when your teenage driver arrives home, a noisy garage door can become aggravating.

Over time and from repeated usage, garage doors will need lubrication, new rollers or other basic repairs. Our techs can inspect your door and recommend if repair or replacement with a new New Garage Door Palos Heights IL is the best option.

-Improve appearances. Another key reason to install a new garage door is the instant improvement it brings to the look of the property. Consider a new door if you’ll be placing your home on the market soon.