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Garage Door Repair Naperville

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Garage Door Repair Naperville

Garage Door Repair Naperville

Is your residential garage door taking longer than normal to open and close? There are a few causes of this common problem:

-Aging door components. If certain parts like the torsion springs are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, they are probably not working as well as possible and need replacement. If you have gone several years without upgrading your garage door opener, this also presents a good opportunity to get a new one. Our experienced technicians can install a new opener with more horsepower for smoother and quicker operation.

-Programming. Also, there is a chance that your current garage door is simply programmed to open and shut at that speed. Consult your owner’s manual and check for a safe and easy way of increasing your door’s speed. However, do not hesitate to contact a Garage Door Repair Naperville technician with J&J if the steps are too involved or you do not feel safe performing them.

-Lack of lubrication. A typical culprit of slow door operation is when the hinges, tracks and rollers are not well-lubricated. It is essential that all the moving parts of a garage door’s system receive lubrication to ensure correct performance. Lubrication is important for maintaining your door over the long term because it keeps it functioning smoothly while also prolonging the lifespan of the door opener and other parts. Our technicians can inspect your door and perform helpful maintenance that will keep it working reliably.

In addition to a garage door that moves too slowly, they might also be too slow to react. In this situation, lubricate your door’s components to ensure it won’t stick as you close or open it. If the response time of your garage door is still too slow after that, there might be a larger issue that requires professional Garage Door Repair Naperville.

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