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New Garage Door Lemont IL

New Garage Door Lemont IL

It might be a good idea to invest in a New Garage Door Lemont IL if your current door shows signs of wear and was installed more than 15 years ago. An aging garage door is probably going to need replacement – or at least repairs soon before its condition deteriorates. However, repairs might not be a cost-effective option if the door is at the end of its service life.

Replacing an old door provides a variety of advantages, such as a refreshed appearance that is a better match to the style of your residential property. If you are concerned about the performance or look of your existing door, call our experienced team for service. We can inspect your garage door and opener and recommend either repairs or replacement.
If the issues with your door are minor, we might be able to repair them for you to extend its service life. For example:

-Your door suddenly stops working. In some cases this problem is simply a sign that the batteries need replacing. But if that’s not the cause, you’ll probably want to schedule repairs. The problem might be with a faulty component of the door’s opening mechanism like a broken belt, spring or burned-out motor. Our technicians can quickly assess the situation and fix it.

-Damaged door panels. This is another example where repairs may be all that’s necessary. Panel damage isn’t too major, but it’s important to act promptly and replace them before cracks start appearing. Replacing damaged panels is also important to protect your garage against rain.

-The door sags. Typically, a sagging garage door is a sign of a problem with the torsion springs. We can replace the springs and restore proper function to the door for you or install a New Garage Door Lemont IL.