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Garage Door Repair New Lennox IL

Garage Door Repair New Lennox IL

As a homeowner, you depend upon your garage door to access your garage and to protect your vehicles and other belongings against the elements and theft.

Watch for these signs as you evaluate your garage door and determine if it’s due for Garage Door Repair New Lennox IL.

-The door won’t close or open. Although it seems pretty basic at first, it can actually get pretty complex when it comes to identifying the cause of the problem. It is possible to identify and fix some garage door malfunctions as a DIY project while others require expertise and the right equipment to resolve.

Some of the issues that cause garage doors to stop opening and closing properly include:

-Something is obstructing the door’s sensor device.
-The door opener’s power source isn’t functioning.
-Broken torsion or extension springs.
-The door is off the track.
-Your opener’s remote controller needs a battery replacement.
-Snapped or loose cables.
-Settings are incorrect.

In the event the garage door at your residential property is not working and you’re unable to determine the cause, contact us for Garage Door Repair New Lennox IL.

-When opening, the garage door is stalling or the response is slow. Garage doors function on a system of sensors, pulleys, tracks and springs. Any of those components could be the cause of the problem if the door is opening too slowly or it simply stops. Sometimes, adding lubrication and adjusting the settings can solve the matter. Often, the problem is more involved and will require professional services.

For example, there could be a broken hinge, broken cables or the door could be out of alignment.

Call J&J Reliable Doors if your garage door is not working right – we’ll fix it quickly at budget-friendly rates!