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Garage Door Repair Tinley Park IL

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Garage Door Repair Tinley Park IL

Garage Door Repair Tinley Park IL

If your garage door is moving more slowly than it used to, contact us to schedule Garage Door Repair Tinley Park IL. Any of the following could be the cause of this common problem:

-The door is old. When components like torsion springs start to wear out, they will not work as effectively and soon need replacement. If it’s been several years since you upgraded your garage door, this may be a good opportunity to get a new one. Our technicians could install a garage door opener that features more horsepower for quicker operation.

-Programming. Slower movement could also indicate that your garage door may simply be programmed to close and open at that speed. Consult the owner’s manual to look for a safe and easy way to adjust the door’s speed. In the event it seems too involved or possibly hazardous, don’t hesitate to contact J&J.

-Needs lubrication. Without adequate lubrication on the hinges, tracks and rollers, the garage door will not be able to move up and down smoothly. It is essential that all the moving parts of a garage door remain sufficiently lubricated. (Even if the door appears to be moving okay.)

Lubrication is part of what keeps the garage door functioning efficiently, eases the stress placed upon the system and also prolongs the service life of the opener.

Along with garage doors that move too slowly, another sign of the need for Garage Door Repair Tinley Park IL is when are slow in responding. In this situation, before calling for services, lubricate the door’s rollers and hinges to ensure it is not sticking as you try to open or close it. If the response time still is too slow, there could be a larger problem occurring that calls for professional repairs.

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